08_Rock N Roll For The Soul
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08 - Rock N Roll For The Soul - 00:02:59
Songwriter: Jeremiah Johnson
Publishing & PRO: Bad Love Music/BMI

Track #8 Rock and Roll Music for the Soul – written by Jeremiah Johnson
I need to feel that kick drum
Pounding on my chest
Get my motor running
Till that ain’t nothing left
Crank it up
Make it Loud
And turn this mother out
Rock n Roll for the Soul
You gotta let it out
I need to hear that Guitar
Screaming in my face
Get up off your chair
And dance about the place
I need to feel that bass
Thumping like a beast
Working that groove
Jammin to the beat
I need ten thousand people
Screaming from the stands
Singing every word
Rocking to the band