06_Different Plan For Me
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06 - Different Plan For Me - 00:06:58
Songwriter: Jeremiah Johnson
Publishing & PRO: Bad Love Music/BMI

Track # 6 Different Plan for Me – written by Jeremiah Johnson
I’ve been locked up too long
I can’t believe
Take a look at my bank account
Lord it’s a damn shame it’s all gone
Almost homeless baby
Broke as a bluesman can be loving and sympathy
I thought I had it all figured out
And everything goes south
Somebody, had a different plan for me
I’ve been laying low at home
Bouncing my baby boy on my knee
He’s my little man child
Man it’s such a beautiful thing
And I got my lovely woman’s with me too
And the dog sleeping at the door
You know even though I ain’t making no money
I am making life long lovingl memories
Somebody, had a different plan for me
You know I try to have faith
People dying every day
Over a 100 thousand people gone no
And I still can’t pay my bills
Bank don’t take prayers for payment
It’s the unemployment line for me
Somehow, we gonna get through people
With a different plan for you and me