05_Unemployed Highly Annoyed
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05 - Unemployed Highly Annoyed - 00:06:36
Songwriter: Jeremiah Johnson
Publishing & PRO: Bad Love Music/BMI

Track #5 - Unemployed Highly Annoyed – written by Jeremiah Johnson
Calm the hell down, Stop freaking out
Have a little faith, In the human race
Don’t work, Don’t leave
don’t breathe, don’t move
It’s full blown chaos, it’s doom and gloom
Put it on lock down, we’re on the brink
Do what your told and don’t even think
You can’t call if freedom if you don’t have a choice
Unemployed and highly annoyed
Don’t touch, don’t grab,
Don’t hug, don’t kiss
It’s a money grab, who’s on the list
You better wash your hands and don’t touch your face
You better get in line to get in this place
Rona’ Rona’ why you buggin’