02_Muddy Black Water
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02 - Muddy Black Water - 00:03:48
Songwriter: Jeremiah Johnson
Publishing & PRO: Bad Love Music/BMI

Track #2 Muddy Black Water – written by Jeremiah Johnson
Life is such a struggle just to get by
Always did what I had to do to man up
There comes a time to drop the tough guy
I don’t need your pity, but I won’t lie
Now I deeper than I’ve ever been
Life has given me a sucker punch body blow
I wanna blame it on the weatherman
You can’t rest on your laurels when the roof comes caving in
The blue in the sky turns to grey
Watch the riverbanks wash away
Thunder beating down on my parade
Help me if you can, reach down and pull from that muddy black water
Blinded by illusions of the promise land
Pray a little harder, got to have faith
A con-man’s castle on a bed of sand
Suckers get in line with the other fools