01_Burn Down The Garden
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01 - Burn Down The Garden - 00:05:30
Songwriter: Jeremiah Johnson
Publishing & PRO: Bad Love Music/BMI

Track #1 Burn Down the Garden – written by Jeremiah Johnson
Never surrender, you got a Rise when you fall
We’re gonna take down this mountain after all
They never said it be easy, many a plan astray
The faded dreams of the broken hearted, have all been turned away
Seems like the whole worlds’ breaking down
Have a little faith, things will come around
Feeling cold and lonely, stare death in the face
Cutting through the wind, like the wings of an angle, forever sail away
Don’t put the nails in the coffin, let’s build a better day
And use that wood for some good and not leave it up to fate
Burn down the Garden and sow some seeds of love