Henry Clayton Parker
writers: Rick Lang, Jon Weisberger / Haley Anna Music (BMI), Use Your Words Music (BMI)

"A great secular number written by Rick Lang and Jon Weisberger. Loved the message. It don't matter where you are you are always surrounded by God's wonderful grace. Give him praise!"

Junior Sisk – Guitar, lead vocal
Daniel Salyer – Tenor vocal
Mark Fain – Bass
Ashby Frank – Mandolin
Justin Moses – Banjo
Jason Carter – Fiddle
Thomm Jutz – Rhythm Guitar on tracks 5 & 11, Guitar Break on 7

Produced by Mark Hodges and Junior Sisk
Engineered by Thomm Jutz and Mark Hodges
Recorded at TJ Tunes Studio- Mount Juliet, TN and Mountain Fever Studios - Willis, VA
Mixed by Thomm Jutz and Aaron Ramsey