Irene Kelley - 4th of July in My Hometown (harmony by Trisha Yearwood)
The idea for this song has been rolling around in my head for a few years. Being from the small town of Latrobe, Pa. where we celebrated our nation’s birthday with great enthusiasm, I have some vivid happy memories. I also have proud veterans in my family who were always a central part of these celebrations. Anyone who comes from a small town in America can likely relate. Writing this with my daughter, Justyna, and Steve Cropper was a real joy. When we came upon the line, “silently we wave” that gives a nod to our armed forces, we all teared up with emotion and patriotism. It is a very special moment and song for the three of us. The absolute icing on the cake is my good friend Trisha Yearwood’s gorgeous harmony and descant parts. I hope that everyone can find a happy memory from their own hometown and that the song lifts their spirits and puts a smile on their face.

Much Love,

Guitar: Josh Williams
Fiddle: Bronwyn Keith-Hynes
Bass: Mike Bub
Banjo: Scott Vestal
Mandolin: Jessie Brock
Harmony vocals: Trisha Yearwood & Irene Kelley