Wild Mountain Stream
Irene Kelley/Billy Droze/Terry Herd
(Shiny Stuff Music, BMI/Different Kind of Crown Music, ASCAP/ Sparkinator Publishing, BMI)

During the pandemic, Irene Kelley turned to nature to relieve her cabin fever. She explains, “making trips to East Tennessee and the Smokey Mountains on occasion was one thing that was doable and kept me sane. The mountains and the beauty there has always been a huge inspiration to me, most notably the running waters, raging rivers, and cool clear streams.

“I brought the title and idea to Billy Droze and Terry Herd during one of our Zoom writing sessions. It was only after maybe an hour later that we had the song completed. The musicians and Justyna & Ronnie's background vocals brought the song to a whole new level of beauty. I hope everyone enjoys the musical arrangement and the mountain imagery.”

“Without giving away too much of what's in store,” Kelley says of this follow up to Benny’s TV Repair and its 5 #1 songs, “I have the title track written for the album but have not yet recorded it. I can say that Justyna Kelley and I wrote it, and it has a winter theme. This ought to make for a frosty album cover. Stay tuned. This next album will have a lot of sentiment.”

“Wild Mountain Stream”
Performed by:
Irene Kelley: Lead vocal
Aubrey Haynie: Fiddle
Cody Kilby: Guitar
Matt Menefee: Banjo
Adam Steffey: Mandolin
Mike Bub: Upright Bass
High harmony: Justyna Kelley
Low harmony: Ronnie Bowman

Produced by: Irene Kelley and Justyna Kelley
Mixed and Mastered by: Steve Chandler
Tracked at Hilltop Recording Studio - Engineer: Steve Chandler
Overdubs at RCA Studio C - Engineers: Eddie Gore and Justyna Kelley