COWBOY'S PRAYER (recitation)
W:Larry M Clark BMI P:Ellemsee Music BMI I was ridin' herd one evenin' as the sun began to set
Partnered with old Charlie, the toughest cowboy I'd ever met
Old Charlie was weatherbeaten, and hardly ever spoke
But he could tell some terrible tales, and I knew they were no joke
I saw him speakin', too far away to hear what he was sayin'
But as I got a little closer, I realized that he was prayin'
I stopped, thinkin' that I would keep a respectable distance
But I was within earshot, so I cocked an ear and listened

Lord, I know it's been awhile since you and I had a talk
And I know you don't approve of some of the paths I walk
And my language times gets salty, but I mean no disrespect by it
And anytime it bothers you, just tell me to be quiet
And Lord, you know I often take a drink, maybe just a toddy
But I don't ever drink too much and I never bother nobody
So I've got a bad reputation for gettin' in too many fights
But they always push me first and a man stands for his rights

But the worst thing I ever done, Lord, and you know what I mean
Was killin' that bad mouthed rounder down there in Abilene
But Lord, I just couldn't let him hurt that helpless little soiled dove
And I felt you there beside me, defendin' one of your beloved
Well, thank you, Lord, for listenin', and thank you for your blessin'
Seems like the only time we talk, I do a lot of confessin'
And I know, Lord, that it's almost time to go to the Promised Land
Just promise me, Lord, if I get there, that I can ride for your brand