W:Larry M Clark, BMI P:Ellemsee Music, BMI larrymyrtus@yahoo.com

I was born to ramble, had a mean streak all my life
I've always been quite handy, especially with a knife
Put away several men, for different reasons why
Folks all call me Quicksand, cause I'm a slow way to die

Laid away my first man, when I was seventeen
Folks said it was the worst death that they had ever seen
Just the very mention, caused womenfolk to cry
He was cut so handy, he took eight hours to die

Laid away my last man, just a week ago
He called me a cheater, so I let him know
Why they call me Quicksand, How I got the name
But he was unarmed, so the law gave me the blame

Runnin' thru the swampland, they'll never find me here
For if the Sheriff catches me, he'll hang me high for sure
Wadin' thru the water, the gators and the snakes
This place here is bad enough to give a man the shakes

Stop to rest a minute, catch a breath or two
Lookin' down, I can see the mud coverin' my shoe
And as I vainly struggle, I see the reason why
Folks all call it Quicksand, it's a slow way to die