For The Love Of Whiskey
For The Love of Whiskey

In the morning when I wake up
I hit the bottle slow
It takes a time or two
To get the burning to go
I love her to pieces
Just like a woman’s scorn
And come noon today you can find me
Face down in the corn

It’s a long row to hoe
Drinkin’ the bottle slow
The deeper in I get
The faster she’ll flow
And in the morning when I wake up
It’ll hit me like a train
It’s that good old drinking feeling again.

I don’t like smoky bars
They make me sick as hell
At the end of a night of drinking
I can’t stand my smell
But sipping on my front porch
Picking on a favorite tune
It’s the bottle that runs empty
Like a politician’s tune


Instrumental Break

Now this bottle it will probably kill me
It’s the truth that I sow
I’m gonna have to save some
For the final day I go
It doesn’t have to end this way
My life’s worth more than that
Than all the love I can give her
Knowing she’ll kill me flat.