Where Are We Now
Where Are We Now- words and music by Linda Holt, music by Rich Arteca C1975
I watched you walking down the street today-questions on my mind to play. I said hello, you said good-bye.
Where are we now? Tell me something new today. Anything would be all right. The sky is red. My heart has bled.
Where are we now? I walked a mile but my mind grew weary. I cried and cried 'till my eyes fell hurtin'.
And then they closed, my body wept, and shook, fell trembling. Now I stand, still I ask myself, where are we now?
Where are we now? Striped walls sure get dreary. The heat's still on, but I feel cold and the piano sits while the keys get dusty.
The light's going out. The music is dead. Where are we now? But through this world there's nothing that's ever lived,
Nothing kept alive as long as music was, music is. Is that where we are now? Music is love.
Oh, where are we now? Music is love...... music is love.