Missing The Turn
Missing The Turn- words by Linda Holt, music by Emily Holt C1985
1) My grief becomes despair because we're no longer a pair. I look to your eyes, but I only see lies.
Lies to confuse you, lies you construed. If one is the answer, the next is a bruise.
Chorus:We're missing the turn, but we've come a long way. Just missing the turn,
Yes, this road's made of clay that we've formed and we've molded to our own dismay.
2) Thought we'd take one more round, stay with it don't frown. Said things would be different, but they were only deficient.
Deficient in patience, in love and in fair. What one of us felt, the other couldn't share.
Bridge:So fly away my friend, look back, but don't pretend. What was done cannot be changed,
What we were can't be rearranged. So remember what we learned, take it in and then discern,
All the knowledge that we gained in this turn.