Feelin' Good Times
1) Feelin' good times, wish you were with me. Lookin' back I see your face. Life was bitter. Livin' is sweet now.
Wish you could see this place. I can't help it. Please release me, so I can live today.
2) Yesterday's over. We were dreamin' to think we'd still be there. Times were hard then. You still loved me.
That's the part I remember yet. I'm still thinkin'. You're still dreamin'. We've got to go our ways.
Bridge: It's easy to forget the trials, the sadness. Our minds just focus on that peaceful sound when we said, "I love you."
3) Feelin' good times, glad to be here; here in this state of mind. Life keeps movin'. Take it easy.
Don't run behind or ahead. I'm free now. You're still growin'. Someday you'll understand.