He is Risen From the Dead
He Is Risen From The Dead
Written by Daniel Crabtree

Jesus was betrayed by a kiss, Judas sold Him for silver on that day
They said, who does He think He is and soldiers led Him away
Pilot was afraid to sentence Him, found no fault with what this man had done
But that angry crowd of sinful men, said crucify Him, He is not Gods son

They nailed His feet and hands to a cross as He took on every sin of man
As his life poured out for the lost, darkness spread over barren land
People all around shook with fear, they heard Why hast thou forsaken me
My God, My God, through His tears, he cried Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani

Placed in a tomb carved out of stone, wrapped in fine linen and laid down
Sealed, they left Him there alone, three days He was bound on sacred ground
When the women came to mourn Him, He was gone, that awful rock was rolled away instead
And an Angel of the Lord said that new dawn, He’s not here, He is risen from the dead