He is Risen From the Dead
Background Vocals
Donna Ulisse
Rick Stanley
Aaron McCune

Cody Kilby (Acoustic guitar)
Evan Winsor (Acoustic Upright Bass)
Harry Clark (Mandolin)
Gaven Largent (Dobro)
Patrick McAvinue (Fiddle)
Scott Vestal (Banjo)
Produced by: Donna Ulisse
Engineered by: Scott Vestal/Digital Underground Studio/Greenbrier, TN

New from Daniel Crabtree, a single exclusively in celebration of Easter: “He Is Risen From the Dead.” The singer-songwriter is dropping the song so radio stations can play the track as the community prepares to honor Jesus Christ’s resurrection in April. 

As with all his projects, Crabtree wrote the music and lyrics for “He Is Risen From the Dead” and hopes the message will resonate with listeners as the world comes together to honor the holiday amid a time of great turmoil across the globe. 

Crabtree is known for his previous albums The Gospel Road, In the Shadow of His Wings and The Storyteller in Me, and he is set to release his fourth studio album in summer 2020. In addition to his personal projects, the Tennessee native wrote Larry Sparks’ 2019 hit single “Take Me Back to West Virginia.”