Austin Merrill | Whiskey & Water
Verse 1:
Soft as a wildflower, grace like a dove
A cottonseed floating, looking for love
And when I offered to buy her a drink
Three lonely words
Were all that I heard
Whiskey and water

Whiskey and water
Fire and ice
Sugar and spice
Naughty and nice
Straight from the well, oh well
She is my angel
When I’m raising hell
She’s Heaven’s own daughter
I’m so glad I got her
Whiskey and water

Verse 2:
She is the sunshine on a cloudy day
My soul’s umbrella facing the rain
And when her sweet lips make the sounds that call my name
I’m hot and cold
Wild but controlled
Like whiskey and water

Chorus (“we’re whiskey and water, we’re fire and ice…”)