Gordon Thomas Ward "Still Calling"
Ghosts of you
Cloud my view.
Shades I knew,
Gray and blue.
Shifting sands,
Second hands,
Memory strands,
Still…I feel you next to me,
A vivid jubilee.
You’re nowhere I can see,
But I’m still calling.
Still, I reach for you at night.
My dreams of black and white,
You fill with colored light.
I’m still calling. I’m still calling,

Words we’ve said,
Tales we’ve read,
Lives we’ve led,
Binding threads.
The heart’s reality
Is far from fantasy.
Believe and you will see
Your colors flying.
The very air we breathe,
The whispers in the trees,
The rustling of the leaves,
Is love learning to sing.
Chorus 2x…I’m still calling 3x. Still 2x…
Ghosts of you
Cloud my view,