Longing (5:36)
Faith finds her way across town in her car,
Forgetting where she needs to go.
Her late husband surely would point out the way
But she can’t recall how to get home.

Charity married the man that she loves,
Hand in hand 53 years.
Lost and confused, he’s forgotten their life.
She struggles to fight back the tears.

Somewhere deep in the well of their minds,
Cloistered and covered from view,
Their wishes are tossed between promise and prayer,
Longing for lives they once knew,
Longing for lives they once knew.

Hope hides huddled inside of her head.
Her visits are always the same.
The parents she prized are pleased when she comes
But never remember her name.

Patience protects his wife in her room.
She panics. He’ll never know when.
He comforts and placates, and tells her, “It’s fine,”
And tomorrow, he’ll do it again.


They never saw it coming.
It crept like a thief in the night.
Cut loose and adrift in their senses
No anchor, no homeland in sight.

Chorus x2

Love sits conversing with her only child
Of family memories gone by.
She squeezes his hand and watches the door
And waits for her son to arrive,
And waits for her son to arrive.