Still Standing
My hearts been broken by the passing of a loved one.
At times I struggle just to make it through the day
It’s so hard to see them go
But in the fathers hands I know
There’s no pain no tears Oh no over there

I’m still standing on the word of God
I’m still standing on the blood that took my sin
I’m still standing though the winds of hell may blow
I’ll not faulter I’ll not faint I will stand

In the Bible were told that we would see tribulation
But in love my Jesus has come to take it all away
That’s why he died upon the cross
Shed his blood there for the lost
Just think of what it cost
On dark Calvary

Hold on stay true my friend the day is coming
When the troubles of this life are ore oh what a day
We’re gonna walk on streets of gold
And worship with the saints of old
What a time there to behold over there