I Hate Punks (02:51)
I Hate Punks (02:51)

Songwriter: Geza X
Publisher: Geza Music
Mechanical Licenses:
Dionysis Records,Geza X Records

Release Date: 1979, 2010, 2021

I lived at the legendary Canterbury Arms apartments, a block from the Masque (Hollywood’s Punk Club). Members of The Go-Gos, Weirdos, Deadbeats, Germs and many other bands lived there during punk’s heyday in 1978-79. During that time I saw SO MUCH MAYHEM…Graffiti, fights, one person even burned down the door to another’s apartment! It would take a book to tell all the crazy stories. One day I just got fed up with the whole punk culture (which I loved, but…) and wrote this scathing roast, punk rock style, of all the stupid and antisocial things punks do. Ironically, this became a real crowd-pleaser at shows. The punks “got it” and it became an anthem.