Paranoids (03:40)
Paranoids (03:40)

Songwriter: Geza X
Publisher: Geza Music
Mechanical Licenses:
Dionysis Records,Geza X Records

Release Date: 1979, 2010, 2021

I remember seeing a bumper sticker in the 1960’s that said “The Paranoids Are After Me!”. I thought that was just so clever, explaining itself like that. When I started working on my album, I started wondering if I could write a song that was just like a bad acid trip, with things constantly changing and weird mood swings. But I also wanted it to conform to no exact pop-musical style, in fact I wanted elements of theater and neoclassical arrangements. This turned into an epic, a song completely devoid of any musical or cultural constraints. The lyrics were written first, and then the music was written to match the lyrics, no matter how difficult that proved to be. The result is X-Music of the highest degree. When I came up with the idea of inventing an atonal style of music that was also densely percussive, this was what I had in mind.