Isotope Soap (02:23)
Isotope Soap (02:23)

Songwriter: Geza X
Publisher: Geza Music
Mechanical Licenses:
Dionysis Records,Geza X Records

Release Date: 1979, 2010, 2021

I have always been startled to read about the casual manner in which major corporations will divest themselves of hazardous waste, by dumping it in rivers and lakes, or the ground, or the ocean. It seems so obvious NOT to do that. We are such a filthy species. But it becomes unconscionable when radioactive contaminants are discarded right and left, without regard for future generations. My style of protest is parody…I was heavily influenced by the greats like Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. I’m worried about ecology but life would be tragic if we couldn’t laugh at the things that torment us. Plus satire has a way of getting through barriers that direct talk cannot.