Rio Grande Hotel (03:17)
Rio Grande Hotel (03:17)

Songwriter: Geza X
Publisher: Geza Music
Mechanical Licenses:
Dionysis Records,Geza X Records

Release Date: 1979, 2010, 2021

I’m originally from Texas. I spent my childhood there basking in the wonderful 1950’s Tex-Mex culture of Zorro, Gumby, and I Love Lucy. In those days, Mexicans and their music weren’t segregated into Latino music or history. The missions, the Spanish nomenclature, and especially the Rio Grande River were all somehow rolled into the many experiences of living in Texas. I don’t ever remember Mexicans being viewed as outsiders in those days, there was Mexican stuff ALL OVER the place, even in TV shows and music. I grew up hearing so-called “Tejano Music”, a blend of Mexican and American Country and Western music, in restaurants or gas stations. It’s from those roots that many of my songs are born.