RX Rock & Roll (03:16)
RX Rock & Roll(3:16)

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Geza X

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Benny Petrella

Songwriter: Geza X
Publishing & PRO: Geza Music, BMI

1979 Demo (Previously Unreleased)

I’ve had many bouts of chronic illness in my life. It wasn’t until later years that I discovered I have a semi-rare nerve condition called BFCS which causes chronic fatigue and other weird symptoms. Sometimes I was stuck in bed for days or weeks with “hit by a truck” exhaustion, never realizing there was an underlying problem. Finally I went to a neurologist who explained the problem. I wrote this song after one particularly debilitating episode where I was down for weeks. I guess pain can be a great motivator, especially if you have a sense of humor like mine, because I still consider this one of my hookiest and funniest songs. It’s also an homage to all the “doctor” songs in rock history. It reminds me of a careening roller-coaster ride from one crazy hook to another.