Me No Wanna Be (long intro) (03:07)
Me No Wanna Be (03:07)

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Geza X

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Benny Petrella

Songwriter: Geza X
Publishing & PRO: Geza Music, BMI

1979 Demo (Previously Unreleased)

I used to love listening to Calypso when I was a kid. I got a lot of joy out of Desmond Decker ('The Israelites") and Herry Belafonte ("Day-O").

In later years, I found that Calypso influence creeping into my songs as well, sometimes as parody and other times more as a musical style which permeates my guitar playing and melody lines.

This song was sort of an homage to my Calypso heroes. There was no particular inspiration except perhaps my mother who was a very demanding person.