That's Kentucky
Contact info:
Troy Engle-(615-336-1157)

Album:Fox Hollow Memories

Full Album Release Date:5/22/2020


Writers:Troy Engle/Dixie Hall/Tom T. Hall/Good Homegrown Music/BMI

Troy Engle-all lead vocals, mandolin, guitar, banjo, dobro, fiddle, upright bass, recording, mixing, mastering.

As I mentioned, some songs I don't remember the origin of, but I remember this one vividly! I was leaning on the counter in the studio kitchen, and we were discussing a mutual friend of ours from the great state of Kentucky. I said "you know how they are....that's Kentucky". I have Kentuckian in my blood, and I can say that there can sometimes be a certain stubborness, hardheadedness, or hearty independence, that comes out from time to time, and that's what I blame it on! Reminds me of some other bluegrassers from Kentucky, like Bill Monroe, and Sonny Osborne who definitely followed their own drummer.
Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road had a hit with this one, and we won SPBGMA song of the year with it.