Fox Hollow Memories-feat. Linda Lay
Contact info:
Troy Engle-(615-336-1157)

Album:Fox Hollow Memories

Full Album Release Date:5/22/2020


Writers:Troy Engle/Rocky Glen Music/BMI

Troy Engle-all lead vocals, mandolin, guitar, banjo, dobro, fiddle, upright bass, recording, mixing, mastering.

Linda Lay:Harmony vocals

I wrote this song as a tribute to Dixie and Tom T., and to all of the great times and friends we had at Fox Hollow. I really wanted to just write a simple song, and just tell the story of what a day was like there. I hope I accomplished that. I sure wish I could go back and drink one more cup of coffee and hear
one more story around that table. Thanks to the great Linda Lay for singing harmony on this one. Her and her husband David spent a lot of time at Fox Hollow as well.