Let's Go Walking Again-feat. Tom T. Hall
Contact info:
Troy Engle-(615-336-1157)

Album:Fox Hollow Memories

Full Album Release Date:5/22/2020


Writers:Troy Engle/Dixie Hall/Tom T. Hall/Good Homegrown Music/BMI

Troy Engle-all lead/harmony vocals, mandolin, guitar, banjo, dobro, fiddle, upright bass, recording, mixing, mastering.

Tom T. Hall-recitation/vocals

I remember sitting at the table writing this one, and the three of us were trying to figure an idea "Let's go... (something)... again". I thought about my family in eastern Kentucky, that would sometimes go walking and visit family, and I said how about, "Let's Go Walking Again"! It worked, and we wrote this one. Fox Hollow was such a beautiful place to be, and this reminds me of walking down their lane, to go to breakfast, when I first went there with The Mark Newton band.
I am honored that Tom T. agreed to let me use his recitation from the original demo. It sure sets the tone for this song.