Living In The Palace Of The King
Living In The Palace Of The King (3:52)

TC Davis (615) 495-8244

Leon Russell / Don Nix / Donald V. Dunn
Palace of the King lyrics © East Memphis Music Corp. / Skyhill Publishing Co. / Deerwood Music / Dunn Jack Music / Irving Music, Inc. / Irving Music, Inc. / A/c Deerwood Music / Irving Music, Inc. / A/c Dunn-jack Music Inc.
Release Date: 2020

The Band
Shaun Murphy All Vocals & Tamborine
Tom DelRossi Drums
John Marcus Bass
Kenne Cramer Guitar
Tommy Stillwell Guitar
Eric Robert B3
Kevin McKendree Piano

Recorded at: Colemine Studio
Producers: TC Davis / Kenne Cramer
Engineer Randy Coleman
Mixed By: Kevin McKendree / Rock House Studio
Mastered By: Jim Loyd Mastering
Cover Picture: Wally Phillips
Album Design: Melissa DelRossi