Stipp's Hill
Stipp's Hill
By Caleb Edwards

It was early one morning when Napier's rooster crowed
as he peered over Stipp's Hill's haunting shadow.
He saw a lurking figure where his wild oats were sown,
making his way across the meadow

Napier squinted sharply as the figure lumbered close
The face was one he knew all too well.
Napier cursed his name and wrinkled up his nose
As if no one ever locked the gates of hell.
And he closed his eyes and screamed...

Honey, grab my gun, grab the kids and run
Make your way to Franklin County's mill
He's here to do his deed over California seed
The devil's made his way back to Stipp's Hill.

The stranger raised his gun and let out five stray shots
When the family fell he let out a mournful cry
With Napier at his knees, he had won the lot
Today's the day that I will surely die

The stranger ran for days, until the Fayette line
Where he was caught and called to testify
The judge called him forward and said, “Son show me a sign
What did Napier say the day he died?”