When New York Called Her Name
When New York Called Her Name
By Caleb Edwards / Brad Bulla

She was from Virginia, like every other girl
She dreamed of writing stories in some far off distant world
She lived by the pen, and wrote her life away
That's why we weren't at all surprised, when New York called her name

She hopped a train and spent the night on the banks of Charlie's River
And when the Berklee wind would blow, her arms would start to shiver
She began to dream of mountains and Virginia's picture frame
But she woke right up and left again when New York called her name

Ch: Cause when New York calls your name, and you're a lonely mountain girl
You better start to pack your dreams, and go and see the world
Publishers and billboard signs and nothing was the same
She hung up on Virginia when New York called her name

Wealth had found her quickly, her life was sitting high
Even love was around the corner with chiseled looks and navy eyes
He took a knee and professed his heart and asked to set a date
She kissed his cheek and then she ran when New York Called her name