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Released September 15, 2017

The new collection of Ed Snodderly songs offers a wide imaginative scope of songs; songs that would make a 60's disc jockey's head turn. A single guitar and vocal on the title track of Record Shop and The Down Home; featuring 14 verses about the world renowned music venue, The Down Home in Johnson City, Tennessee. An eclectic group of sidemen accompany Ed; John Gardner, (Tim O'Brien, Dixie Chicks, Don Williams) on percussion and Brandon Story, (Reeltime Travelers) on upright bass, Hunter Berry (Rhonda Vincent) on fiddle, Robinella and Eugene Wolf on vocals and Don Eanes (unspoken) on B3 organ. Record Shop creates Americana music with soul and heart; Is Not Sink Down, Ride and Whispering. Album standout, The Good Reason, celebrates life in the things we do and do together, will surely satisfy a variety of musical tastes. Playful intelligent lyrics sung over a melody that grooves with a sultry B3 organ.

Ed Snodderly is a musician and songwriter from Johnson City, Tennessee. He uses images from the old and odd Appalachian world and combines with his own musical backbone to create inspired, original and beautiful songs. You could imagine A P Carter sitting with a Charles Bukowski in a diner and them both falling in love with the waitress talking with her hillbilly accent and pierced tongue.

Sam Bush (Majestic), Jerry Douglas (Pearlie Mae), John Cowan (Working In The New Mine), Missy Raines (Basket Of Singing Birds) and others have recorded Ed songs. He has recorded for Philo, Zu-Zazz and Sugar Hill Records.

The third verse of his song “The Diamond Stream", is permanently displayed on the wall in the Hall Of Honor at the Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville, Tennessee. You’ve seen him on screen as the Village Idiot in O Brother, Where Art thou?

1. The Good Reason
Eddie Lynn Snodderly, Drivin Round Music, BMI.
2017 C P

Sometimes it all comes down to a good cup of coffee and a good word whispered in your ear. I wrote this song over a period of a winter's season. I like what ended up making the final cut. It was an interesting song journey conjuring up these, don't we know we likes. I hope this song captures something that holds true on your life's course. I love singing this song.

2. Record Shop
Eddie Lynn Snodderly / Drivin Round Music, BMI.
2017 C P

I miss the record shop way downtown. You might to! The feel inside a record shop can't be beat. Record shops like Waterloo in Austin, Texas or Easy Street in Seattle, Washington. Never know what musical treasure you're going to buy. A Record shop to me is the soul and joy of a city. Oh! And the locally owned bookshop beside it!

3. The Down Home
Eddie Lynn Snodderly / Drivin Round Music, BMI.
2017 C P

The Down Home is a great music venue in Johnson City, Tennessee. It opened its door in June of 1976. Its founder Joe "Tank" Leach got it going for the soul purpose of having a place in town to listen to music. Like Passim's or EXIT/IN. All kinds of great performers have graced the stage. Ramblin' Jack Elliot signed his 8 X 10 black and white photo by writing, it's a syndrome! I think you'll get the idea of how special this place is from this song. If you find yourself in East Tennessee sometime pay a visit, it means a lot to so many folks in the region. Long live real places! www.downhome.com

4. Whispering
Eddie Lynn Snodderly / Drivin Round Music, BMI.
2017 C P

A wounded boy lays in a cotton field. The delta sun beating down until the night falls and owls hoot. Its good she came for him.

5.Party Song
Eddie Lynn Snodderly / Drivin Round Music, BMI.
2017 C P

A song about a 78 record. Party Song got its start with a cartoon like banjo strum circling round and round. Pop, pop, pow, pop party song. If you ever find this rare 78 on the Majestic label buy it and drop the needle down and jive your brains out! While recording this record with Dylan Seals his 4 year old daughter learned the words and sang it every morning on her way to pre-school. So to all radio programers with children in the audience this one is fun!

6. Ride
Eddie Lynn Snodderly / Drivin Round Music, BMI.
2017 C P

Ride is from my inspiration from the like of Gordon Lightfoot or John Stewart and others. I think of The Rolling Stones when I'm sing "You Can Ride My Cloud". They sang "Get Off My Cloud". The song is for a friend and sometimes all you can say is baby, let's ride.

7. Where A Nail Hung Your Picture In The Hall
Eddie Lynn Snodderly / Drivin Round Music, BMI.
2017 C P

I know some old houses. I know some front porches and the back porches to. The piano in what we called the upper room at my Grandparents house. Going outside to look at the moon. The different sound of door knobs and the way they shut.

8. The Quiet Treatment
Eddie Lynn Snodderly / Drivin Round Music, BMI.
2017 C P

This Quiet Treatment is about that wondermont of what that special someone is thinking and feeling. Good luck!

9. Hobo
Eddie Lynn Snodderly / Drivin Round Music, BMI.
2017 C P

I hope you like the last verse where the band is coming up the street with the spirit of joy in the air. I'm not sure what this band is but they're loud and wearing uniforms. Everybody hanging out and acting the clown.

10. Is Not Sink Down
Eddie Lynn Snodderly / Drivin Round Music, BMI.
2017 C P

I wrote this one looking out the kitchen window at the morning fog that had settled in the woods. The idea of what one can in ones own skin, and then the blessing of another dream.

11. Circus Leaf
Eddie Lynn Snodderly /Drivin Round Music, BMI.
2017 C P

Leaves falling, blowing and swirling like a circus. I'll let my imagination do the raking!

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