New Tim Hortons

Sittin' in the drive through, placing my order
One jelly donut, cinnamon bun
Large double double, one apple fritter
She took my order, my day had begun

Rolled up to her window, she asked for the money
I’m usually old fashioned, she had me at glazed
Her voice dripped sweetness like maple-dipped honey
As she passed me a napkin I was lost in her gaze

Sugar High, Whoopie Pie, Sugar My
OH My little baby loves shortnin’, shortnin'
We set to courtin’ at the new Tim Hortons

We cruised the parking lot on her break
10 minutes fly when that’s all you've got
Before we knew it there was wedding cake
And two little Tim bits, Suzie and Scott

Never stale, but always fresh
We’ve stuck together like chicken stew
We rolled up the rim, called it a win
Another biscuit in the basket all because of that brew

Now we’re so old we can’t drive no more
Hey Scott and Suzie know what to do
When the time comes we don’t want no fuss
They’ll spread our ashes at the old drive through

Sugar High, Whoopie Pie, Sugar My
Oh my little babies love shortnin’, shortnin'
Cause we set to courtin’ at the new Tim Hortons x 2