12-Alabama Bound (3:55)
Alabama Bound (3:55)
Contact: Geoff Hansplant / 215-852-1570
Songwriter: Huddle Ledbetter
Publisher / PRO: Folkways Music Publishing / ASCAP
Produced by: Geoff Hansplant, Paul Deck, John Fachet
Release Date: 12/2/2019
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Geoff Hansplant - guitar and vocals
Paul Deck - drums and percussion
Julie Myers - violin
Nick Terramani - bass

Another favorite of ours, Alabama Bound is a Leadbelly classic with a driving groove and a rousing chorus. I think I learned this one listening to Arlo Guthrie (one of my all time musical heroes) but purloined the last verse from a recording by the late 1960’s San Francisco band, The Charlatans. The Charlatans have faded into memory, but one of their members, Dan Hicks, went on to much bigger things with the Hot Licks.