7-Ghost In Midnight Blue (4:37)
Ghost In Midnight Blue (4:37)
Contact: Geoff Hansplant / 215-852-1570
Songwriter: Geoff Hansplant
Publisher / PRO: Finger Candy Publishing / ASCAP
Produced by: Geoff Hansplant, Paul Deck, John Fachet
Release Date: 12/2/2019
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Geoff Hansplant - guitar and vocals
Paul Deck - drums and percussion
Julie Myers - vocals
Nick Terramani - bass

The older we get, the more we are haunted by the ghosts of the past. Mine go with me, throughout the day, and sometimes work their way to the surface of my consciousness when the house has grown quiet (my mind never seems to quiet down) for the night. Some of those ghosts, over time, are just blips on the event horizon. Others take a seat right beside you and draw you back, Gatsby-like, ceaselessly into the past. They are the rocks on which we foundered, and the rocks to which we cling. Mine happens to be a Ghost In Midnight Blue.