4-Things I Should Have Said (4:40)
Things I Should Have Said (4:40)
Contact: Geoff Hansplant / 215-852-1570
Songwriter: Geoff Hansplant
Publisher / PRO: Finger Candy Publishing / ASCAP
Produced by: Geoff Hansplant, Paul Deck, John Fachet
Release Date: 12/2/2019
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Geoff Hansplant - guitars and backing vocals
Paul Deck - drums and percussion
Julie Myers - piano and vocals
Nick Terramani - bass

Like many of the songs on the album, Things I Should Have Said has a distinct underpinning of loss. As a writer, I have reached an age where I have experienced many losses in life, and the people and my own actions in my relationships with them, continue to haunt me. This is a song about the weight of words that went unexpressed, and the opportunities that were lost as a result. To stage it, I set the song on the island of Ithaca, at the home of Odysseus and Penelope. Penelope, stranded on the island while she fends off the “suitors,” mourns for the loss of Odysseus, and is haunted by the words she didn’t say, the words that might have kept him home