1-Something's Gotta Give (5:21) (Featured Track)
Something’s Gotta Give (5:21) (Featured Track)
Contact: Geoff Hansplant / 215-852-1570
Songwriter: Geoff Hansplant
Publisher / PRO: Finger Candy Publishing / ASCAP
Produced by: Geoff Hansplant, Paul Deck, John Fachet
Release Date: 12/2/2019
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Geoff Hansplant - guitars and vocals
Paul Deck - drums and percussion
Julie Myers - vocals
Nick Terramani - bass

Something’s Gotta Give is what happens when you listen to Martha Reeves and the Vandellas singing “Dancing In The Street” while watching Robert Mitchum in “Out Of The Past.” It is a variant on the classic outlaw on the run song, set in a black and white 1950’s noir movie and name-checking cities and towns in the American mid-west. The album had the original working title of “Ghosts In Blue,” but as we got further into rehearsals, we found that we would always open with this tune, as we enjoyed playing it so much. In time, it dictated the flow of the whole album and became the new title track. For me (Geoff), the highlights were cutting the lead guitar track and sitting in the studio while Julie cut all of the backing vocals, in seven part harmony!