Daylight's Burning
Release: Oct. 30, 2020
Contact: Christopher Keefe
Contact Phone: 850-819-5729

Songwriter: Aubrey Holt
Copyrights: Tupiland Publishing LLC



Well the roosters crowing gotta rise and shine
Daylights burning ain’t got a lot of time
When the day is over and the works all done
We’ll sing and dance and have a little fun

Today my thoughts took me back in time
To a hillside farm on the county line
It seems just like it was yesterday
And I seem to here my mother say
Hurry up kids get out of that bed
We got a cow to milk and hogs to be fed
Chickens cackling out in the yard
It’s a brand new day we gotta hit it hard

Well the birds are singing and it’s still half dark
Up on the hill I heard the old dog bark
Bet he’s got an old possum treed
That grinning devil we just don’t need
I can smell the ham frying in the pan
Biscuits butter and blackberry jam
Woodsmoke rising on the morning air
We ain’t got plenty but we got our share

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus