Daylight's Burning
Release: Oct. 30, 2020
Contact: Christopher Keefe
Contact Phone: 850-819-5729

Songwriter: Aubrey Holt
Copyrights: Tupiland Publishing LLC

Story Behind “Daylight’s Burning”

Back in February (2020), Zion and I were sitting around the fire listening to music way into the early hours of the morning.
We were listening to old Country and Bluegrass trying to find some old gems that we could cut on our new project and I decided to play an album from The Boys from Indiana.

That album led to us talking about the late Aubrey Holt (of TBFI) and eventually his son Tony Holt.
It was not long into our conversation when “Daylight’s Burning” came on and we both looked at each other and knew instantly that we wanted to record the song.

We listened to it again and then at least another half dozen times! The song caused a flood of childhood memories for both of us and we really feel like it will do that to other folks, too.

Our goal with recording “Daylight’s Burning” is for everyone to experience the same nostalgia and happiness that we did and also enjoy the simplistic but genius writing of Aubrey Holt.

~Caleb Daugherty~

Engineered by: Ricky Wasson at Rick's Main Street Studio in Clay City, KY
Mixed and edited by: Mike Rogers and Josh Swift at 2013 Studios in Greenbrier, TN
Mastered by: Jason Hoard at Black Cat Studio in Griffin, GA

Caleb Daugherty- Guitar & Lead Vocals
Zion Napier- Mandolin and Harmony Vocals
Zach Collier- Bass and Harmony Vocals
Kyle Clerkin- Banjo
**Special Guest** Ron Stewart- Fiddle