Suddenly, I'm Home
Suddenly I’m Home
David Starr and Susan Maire Reeves
David Starr Music, ASCAP and Dance On The Moon Music, ASCAP

You’re alone and I can’t reach you
It’s so hard what you’re going through 
You're broken hearted, honey
I’d do anything for you 

If I could be there for you now
I’d let you cry a thousand tears
We’d hold each other up 
Together face our fears

It only takes one candle to light darkest dark
It only takes one hand to hold, I can feel your heart 
No matter where life takes you, no matter where you roam
All I do is think of you..... and suddenly, I’m home

Sometimes the lights go out and you cannot see a thing
The power fails, and darkness falls…..the phone won’t ring
There’s trouble all around you
Like a child out in the cold
No one to comfort you…no one to hold

This is not the first or last time
Your little heart will break in two
The world can be a cold cold place
People can be cruel
I will be there for you
When you cry a thousand tears
We hold each other up