Until It's All Gone
Until It’s All Gone
David Starr
David Starr Music, ASCAP

Of the Ten Commandments I have broken nine
And the tenth I believe I shall break in time
Don’t want to die young don’t wanna die old
Don’t’ wanna die crazy, just wanna go when I go

I met her in the fall of ’75
She made me feel good like I was really alive
The sparks just flew and
The nights turned gold
Don’t wanna die at all now 
I just wanna grow old

I know wars are won
And battles are lost
Just give me the goods
Don’t tell me the cost
Hearts are broken and life goes on
I wanna use it up until it’s all gone

Of the Ten Commandments I have broken nine
I wanna play fair but the rules aren’t mine
Gonna close this book for the very last time
Gonna look the other way at the one way sign