Love Won't Make Itself
Love Won’t Make Itself
David Starr and Warren Lee Sellers
David Starr Music, ASCAP and First Chair Music, BMI

Lyin’ here in this bed tonight
Seems like miles between us
Eyes wide open in the dark
I’d like to reach for you
But I’ve forgotten how
I need the fire but I can’t find the spark
Tell me that you feel it, too
What do we do?

Who goes first
Your move or mine?
Are we both afraid, afraid to cross that line?
Do we build it up or wonder why it fell?
We know it all too well
That this love won’t make itself

Tell what your heart says, baby
‘Cause I can’t read your mind
There’s no mountain I won’t move
Show me a sign
Throw me a line
Tell me that you me too
Just as much as I need you