If Nothing Changes
I watch the news and see lives broken
By winds that blow and rains that fall
I listen with my head and with my heart
And try to comprehend it all
Seems to me it just keeps coming
Same old song, second verse
And if nothing changes, this weather will get worse

People fighting in the streets these days
Can’t seem to agree to disagree
If the truth just doesn’t matter anymore
What’s supposed to set us free
Everybody thinks they’re right
And nobody thinks they’re wrong
If nothing changes the fighting will go on

I thought I had it figured out
Knew what it was all about
Now I know how wrong a man can be

As I sit here in the dark tonight
I’m worried ‘bout my happy home
Looking back on the mistakes I made
How I made her feel alone
Now I know that it’s all up to me
That the lines have been drawn
Now I know if nothing changes
She’ll be gone