Could Have Run Together
I know you’ve noticed
These lines on my face
Easements granted in the years that I was lost
I know you think you understand
You’ve been in my place
But it’s harder than you think 
To calculate the cost

You’re so persuasive darling
Your argument’s so strong
God knows I’m looking for direction in these days
But times have changed me, baby 
They’ve changed you, too
And they’ve changed the way this lover’s game is played

 I wish that I had known you long ago
 We could have run together you and I
 I tore down the walls and 
 Wound up a prisoner just the same
 Why’d it take so long to learn to fly?
 We could have run together you and I

 There was a time I was you and you were me
 And nothing in the world it seemed 
 Could ever come between...

But for all the times you and I have chased the dark
And damned the plaques and tangles of the mind
We are souls connected, connected by a spark
And sparks these days are so hard to find