Don't Give Me Hope
You say that you love me
You don’t wanna hurt me
I know you believe that it’s real
But if you should ask me what I really need
I’ll tell you just how I feel
The damage is done, nobody won
It’s time that we both faced the facts
And those baby blue eyes 
And pretty words won’t bring me back

Don’t give me hope
Cause I’ll just hang on
To your promises pulling me back to the past 
When I should move on
Hung up on you
When i just need the truth, that’s all
I’ve got just enough rope to pull myself out
So don’t give me hope

Don’t say you’ll be different
'Cause you can’t be different
Believe me, baby I know
We want what we can’t have and stubborn as I am
I can tell when it’s time to let go
And there’s no denying those demons you’re fighting
May always be there in your way
But I’m fighting them too
Each time you ask me to stay

So tell me one good lie
Say you never loved me 
That’ll make it so easy to tell you goodbye