Tough City
Tough City

Well I’m heading into the west, boys, where the water meets the sky
And the wind blows strong and on and on and no one would bat an eye
At a man who might not answer if you ask him why he came
With a bottle of gin he’ll fit right in, in a town that earns it’s name – It’s a tough city

Well I used to be a husband and the father of a girl
And I was strong till the angels come and took her from this world.
So I set myself to killing every memory I knew
Till the nights and days became a haze of just tryin to make it through – in this tough city. Tough city, aaah, but I still walk on.

Now I’m tired of all this concrete and these people and their ways
And these city lights, they burn all night and I haven’t slept for days
So I’m headed to the west, boys, where the mountains touch the sea
And we’ll wind it down in a better town where my spirit can be free – in tough city