Lord knows I drive through this town on each and every turn around
But I couldn’t call it by it’s name
It’s just part of the scenery in the space between you and me
And the time that I see you again
In a motel bed or behind some bar, and sometimes, baby in our car
Hell, we don't even need to be alone

Cause you’re my home, you’re my home, you’re my home, girl
My only home

Nothing grows under my feet cause any day of the week
I’m headed east or south or west
This money that I’m making ain’t hardly worth the aching
But still I know it’s for the best
I’ve got my front office in my front seat, Lucinda Williams singing sweet
My bed in the back and Netflix on my phone

But you’re my home…..

I never thought too much of things that tend to anchor us in space and time
My home is knowing that I’m always yours and you are mine

Things you forgive in me- my instability
My reputation and my friends
Someday I’ll quit the highway, wake up beside you every day
I wanna ride this road until it ends
And one thing I know I wanna do
Is spend some time getting old with you
Still got a lot of love left in my bones

And you’re my home…..