Watch Over The Ones I Love
Watch Over the Ones I Love

Please, Jesus, watch over the one’s I love
Wherever they walk in the world tonight
There’s so many things I’m so scared of
Shine down on them with your sweet light

I know I’m a sinner and I can’t be saved
I spent my favours and I’m out of time
If you’re looking for somewhere to show your grace
I’m ready to take their place in line
I know you hold their souls in your hand, and it ain’t none of mine

Please love the one’s already there with you
Like we loved each other in our own lives
My mother, father, and sister too
I’ll see them in the bye and bye

But most of all look after my sweet kid
Without her I would never be the same
The only good thing I ever did
She carries my dreams, she carries my name
So if you’re looking to take some tickets
I’m ready to ride that train

If I carry this weight for all my life
Will Heaven and earth be satisfied
If I offer up my heart and mind
Could I ask of you this one thing
Cause I’m ready to make things right

Please, Jesus, watch over the ones I love,
And don’t let nobody feel no pain
There’s so many things I ain’t proud of
There’s things I wish I could do again

Some day I know that I’ll reach that place
Where I can lay all my worries down
And look into my dear sister’s face
And lose this weight I been carrying around
And if that moment comes I’ll be ready
And I’ll stand up tall and proud