Another Way To Hurt Me
Another Way To Hurt Me

Honey, you ain’t even trying, I can see it in your eyes
We both know you’re lyin’, but we’re too tired to act surprised
And even if you didn’t set out to break my heart somehow
Honey we both know what you’ll do now

You’ll find another way to hurt me in another part of town
While I’m lying here and counting all the ways you let me down
You can take your show out on the road but until you’ve had your fill
You’ll find another way to hurt me, and you will

Guess I’m just so far past caring, I won’t even try to understand
How that wedding ring you’re wearing found it’s way to your right hand
Or how that red dress that you wear so well as you’re walking through the door
Is gonna spend the night on someone else’s floor

Cause you’ve got another way to hurt me……

And if I didn’t know you so well, I’d beg turn around
Instead of driving to that hotel in that other part of town